Stay ahead of supplier risk with a powerful, single-call API.

craft api

One API. Unlimited supplier insights.

  • Quickly fetch 400+ data fields at once across millions of supplier profiles.
  • A robust intelligence ecosystem centralized in Craft means only one API integration.
Customized views

Customized insights and real-time alerts with an easy-to-use GraphQL API.

  • 25+ risk lenses make it easy to ingest organized, structured supplier intelligence.
  • Ensure your team knows exactly when significant events occur among the companies and industries you care about most.
Customized views
intuitive tools
intuitive tools

Move faster with
tools and capabilities.

  • Query only the fields you need for quicker response times and streamlined information-gathering.
  • GraphQL allows for direct API calls from front-end frameworks, saving time for backend engineers.

“Using the Craft API has been a very smooth experience, thanks to its great documentation and ease-of-use.”


Learn how Craft can unlock the intelligence you need to make better decisions, evaluate risk and identify opportunities.