The most comprehensive supplier intelligence platform

Better supplier discovery, evaluation, and monitoring for stronger supply chain resilience

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Comprehensive and Accurate Supplier Data

Deeper, more holistic, verified data for all your current (and potential) suppliers.

Craft tracks analyzes 350+ unique data points
  • ESG exposure
  • Cyber risk
  • Court filings
  • Financials & revenues
  • Company revenues
  • Human capital
  • Digital footprint
  • Technology stack
  • Operating metrics
  • Filed patents
  • Company structure
  • Locations

Source of Truth on companies

At Craft, we mine and organize company information from traditional and alternative data sources, making our data products truly comprehensive.

We gather intelligence from across hundreds of data types on millions of companies - both public and private. All data is validated.

We track & analyze 300+ data types
  • ESG exposure
  • Cybers risk
  • Court filings
  • Financials & revenues
  • Company revenues
  • Human capital
  • Digital footprint
  • Technology stack
  • Operating metrics
  • Filed patents
  • Company structure
  • Locations

All your supplier data in one, user-friendly platform

Reduce the fatigue that comes from scanning endless sources, websites, reports, and articles for supplier data.

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Relevant and proactive monitoring

The information you want before you know you need it.

Supplier data via an
enterprise-grade API

Craft's supplier intelligence is also available via a single call API. Our customers have called it the "best API we've ever seen."

API documentation

Integrated with the top data sources you know and love

SecurityScorecard, D&B, CSRHub, and more seamlessly integrate their data into Craft's Supplier Intelligence Platform.

Craft data, analytics and insights feed into your existing workflows

Craft Intelligence Portal

A dedicated, secure and customizable company intelligence portal for the enterprise.

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Powered by Craft

Comprehensive, validated and always up-to-date company data, analytics and insights delivered via seamless integrations into enterprise applications including Coupa, Salesforce, SAP, Sharepoint, and Tableau.

Craft API

A single call API for integration of Craft’s always-on company intelligence into enterprise internal systems.

API documentation

Craft Company Directory

A searchable directory on a selection of companies, offering company profiles.

Easy to Implement,
Easy to Use

Easy-to-use interface means: 

  • Fast Implementation
  • Accelerated onboarding
  • Reduced training needs

Always-on supply chain intelligence

Find out how a top aerospace & defense firm keeps track of 16,000+ suppliers with the Golden Record for each, and reduced costs by replacing legacy providers.
  • ‘Golden record’ for each supplier
  • Rapid adoption with no user limits
  • Cost reduction by replacing legacy providers

Craft provides holistic supplier intelligence across all risk factors


Gain visibility into all supplier locations, including HQ, manufacturing sites, satellite offices, and more - all in an embedded, interactive Google Map.

Key People

Mitigate risk by monitoring key leadership changes as well as potential competitive and foreign involvement.

Human Capital

Understand and be alerted of headcount changes, growth, layoffs, as well as culture metrics, employee ratings, diveristy metrics, and more.

Legal Compliance

Gain insight into court filings, blacklists, and legal history.


CSRHub subscores and historical and current ESG reports- all in one place.


Full financial breakdown and alerting, including D&B ratings, viability ratings, financial statements, revenue breakdown, M&A news, and more.


Easy-to-understand visualizations, graphs, and alerts for company-specific operating metrics.


Cybersecurity scores, issue reports, and company summaries - all powered by SecurityScorecard.

Technology Stack

Insight into what powers your suppliers' systems and processes, including hosting, CDN, analytics, and more.

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