The Modern Company Intelligence Portal

Comprehensive and real-time intelligence on any company you are tracking. Now available in a secure, customizable portal for the enterprise.

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One Comprehensive Platform for Company Data

  • Search company locations, financials, operating, and human capital metrics
  • Hundreds of data types on millions of companies with new sources added regularly
  • Always up-to-date, thoroughly validated, and beautifully visualized company data

Alerts, Benchmarks, and Dashboards

  • Get alerts on changes in market valuation, funding, financial metrics, headcount, and more
  • Notifications about new court filings, blacklist additions, and data breaches
  • Customizable dashboards for company tracking

Enterprise-ready and Always-on Monitoring

  • Select relevant modules and grant different access levels to your teams
  • Real-time updates and continuous data validation loop
  • Unlimited use across the enterprise

How you can use the Craft Intelligence Portal

Supply Chain Monitoring

De-risk and optimize your supply chain with always-on supply chain monitoring. Gain instant visibility into the supplier long-tail and get alerts about partners’ instability and weaknesses.

Sales Intelligence

Quickly identify, research, and prioritize target accounts. Improve time to close with in-depth, validated data on leads and prospects.

Risk and Compliance Management

Manage risk proactively with a real-time view of your enterprise ecosystem. Assess your ecosystem’s exposure to risk, using ESG , blacklists, court filings, and data breaches.

Market and Competitive Intelligence

Track key material changes across the entire digital footprint of any company - public or private. Benchmark your market position and track competitors’ operating metrics and recruiting efforts.

Corporate Development

Track emerging trends for better-informed investments. Identify new partner or acquisition targets with advanced search across locations, financials, operating metrics, and human capital.

Talent and People Analytics

Boost your talent acquisition analytics and recruiting efforts. Monitor your competitors’ talent pools and recruiting activities in real-time across locations and hiring categories.

Access a wealth of data from traditional and advanced sources in a single place

Discover previously untracked insights and signals on any company you interact with.

  • Operating Metrics
  • Company specific KPIs
  • Web Presence
  • Global Locations
  • Human Capital
  • Employee Headcount
  • Key People Changes
  • Job openings
  • Hiring Analytics
  • Employee Sentiment
  • Financials
  • Financial Statements
  • Stock Market Data
  • Financial Ratios
  • Analyst Ratings
  • Private Company Funding
  • Market Landscape
  • Corporate Structure
  • Subsidiaries
  • Company News
  • Competitors
  • Mergers & Acquisitons
  • Other Data
  • Cybersecurity Breaches
  • Company Blacklists
  • Shipping Data
  • Technology Stack
  • Get alerts on any datapoint

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Craft beyond the Intelligence Portal

Power your workflows with Craft data.

Single Call API

Seamlessly ingest all the Craft data in real-time using our GraphQL API.

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Enterprise Integrations

Boost company and supplier data in Coupa, Salesforce, SAP, Sharepoint, and Tableau.

Custom Integrations

A dedicated engineering and customer support team to make Craft work for you.

Craft works with Fortune 100 Companies

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