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Gain complete visibility into your entire supplier network.

Remove blind spots in supplier risk tracking with Craft's centralized Risk Hub.


Zero in on risk domains creating the most impact.

  • View individual and aggregated supplier scores across critical risk factors, such as financials, ESG, operational, and more.
  • Customize your views of risk levels by sector, location, industry or portfolio.

Keep a pulse on top risk measures in real time.

  • Quickly identify high-risk areas for immediate follow-up and action planning.
  • Get notified about sudden drops or increases in suppliers’ performances or ratings.

Contextualized insights that let you prioritize next steps with ease.

  • Understand how key metrics compare against other suppliers, companies, and industries via Craft’s proprietary algorithms and benchmarks.
  • Know which data points warrant attention and coordinate directly with stakeholders.
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See Craft’s Risk Hub in action.

“We reduced the time it took to research a supplier
from 3 hours to
just 7 minutes”

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