Complex supply chains require best-in-class due diligence.

Monitor supplier risk and compliance in a platform trusted by the largest Aerospace and Defense organizations in the world.

supplier growth
Foreign influence

Understand foreign investment and affiliation across your entire supply chain.

  • Gain insights into foreign ownership and associations, including patents, licensing, board seats, ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO), and more.
  • Utilize Craft N-Tier Mapping to understand foreign risk and affiliation beyond your Tier 1 suppliers.
legal & ethics

Identify regulatory and compliance concerns.

  • Understand politically exposed people, AML (anti-money laundering) risk, and more with Craft’s extensive company intelligence.
  • Gain insight into current and past governmental sanctions, including blocklists.
Prevent Disruption
data driven insights

Discover new opportunity and gain the competitive edge with leading market intelligence.

  • Conduct competitor benchmarking and supplier comparison across multiple risk categories with Craft’s Portfolio capabilities.
  • Learn about additional risk categories across entire markets, industries, and verticals.

"We replaced a 2.5 year costly, custom-built consultancy with full Craft implementation in just a few weeks, immediately helped improve visibility and monitoring for over 30,000 suppliers."

-US Department of Defense

Craft’s supplier intelligence platform gives you a 360° view so you stay ahead of supplier risk at all times.