Protect your supply chain from geopolitical incidents

Understand and monitor the impact of incidents, like the Russian invasion of Ukraine, on your supplier network.

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When crisis strikes, understand where, who and what is impacted

Get detailed insight into what countries and regions are impacted, what areas of your supply chain are most at risk, which suppliers are closest to the conflict, and how to take action

Understand the impact on each segment of your supply chain

When a global crisis emerges, it's key that you understand not only what countries are impacted, but what key industries and commodities are concentrated there.

Craft's Incident Dashboard shows the regions impacted, what suppliers in your portfolio are headquartered in the region, and what percentage of your overall suppliers within each industry category may be impacted.

Suppliers in impacted regions endanger your delivery

With shipments into and out of Russia down 35-45%, it's easy to see how even companies not directly involved in a geopolitical crisis can endanger your supply chain.

Protect yourself from this risk - Craft highlights all of your suppliers with locations in impacted regions so that you can build in resillience.

Company-specific sanctions create ambiguity and uncertainty

International responses to countries like Russia and China are increasingly focused on sanctions against specific countries and individuals.

Craft highlights any of these companies within your portfolio, as well as companies with the sanctioned individuals or organizations as owners or investors so that you don't face legal or delivery risks from violating international sanctions!

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Being in control of your supply chain means less disruption. Craft provides insight into n-tier suppliers, assists with validating supplier survey and performance metrics, and can be integrated with your current workflows through a powerful, single-call API.

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