Supercharge your supplier intelligence with Craft and The Smart Cube.

Craft and The Smart Cube have partnered to provide a solution that enables access to both supplier and market intelligence within a seamless workflow.

the smart cube
Craft SC

Enhance supplier monitoring with essential category intelligence

In a rapidly changing environment, it is important for procurement and supply chain professionals to stay ahead of supplier risk and disruption. The Smart Cube’s regular monitoring of direct and indirect categories, alongside Craft’s insights into key players and suppliers, prove critical to this effort.

Contextualize supplier performance against market trends

To evaluate the comprehensive risk of a supplier, it is necessary to understand how it is performing against its competitors in the market. A holistic approach to supplier monitoring, guided by The Smart Cube’s category intelligence, will enable supply chain and procurement professionals to determine whether a supplier’s behavior is influenced by market trends, or guided by conditions that require direct intervention.

Risk Market Trends

Unify disparate data sources into a single workflow

Craft’s supplier intelligence platform will be integrated with The Smart Cube’s Amplifi Pro to create a more valuable and actionable experience. No more time wasted on splintered systems.