Craft Supply Chain Intelligence for Coupa

De-risk and optimize your supply base directly from Coupa.

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Understand your supplier ecosystem better

By combining traditional and advanced data, Craft Supply Chain Intelligence gives you access to previously untracked insights and signals across your enterprise supplier ecosystem.

Craft ingests, structures, and analyzes hard-to-obtain company data from digital sources across 300+ data types. Craft’s data, insights, and analytics are delivered seamlessly into enterprise workflows via Craft’s online intelligence portal, API and enterprise applications including Coupa’s Business Spend Management (BSM) platform.


Golden Record for your every supplier

With Craft Supply Chain Intelligence, you can track key material changes throughout your supplier base, such as financial ratios, operating metrics, talent-related insights, ESG (environmental, social, governance) indicators, sustainability score, and receive alerts about government blacklists, cyber risk and court filings.

You can also create the Golden Record for any supplier by augmenting your supplier database with advanced data from Craft.

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