Craft Partners with Coupa.


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We’re pleased to announce that Craft has teamed up with Coupa Software to offer Craft Supply Chain Intelligence in the Coupa Business Spend Management (BSM) Platform. Coupa certified the Craft Supply Chain Intelligence application for use within its cloud-based platform that empowers companies around the world with the visibility and control they need to make smarter spending decisions.

Craft Supply Chain Intelligence offers the most up-to-date, validated, and comprehensive insights on a customer's entire supplier ecosystem within Coupa’s BSM platform. Craft captures and organizes hard-to-obtain data from digital sources across 300+ traditional and advanced data types.

With Craft Supply Chain Intelligence, Coupa customers can track key material changes across their supplier base such as financial ratios, operating metrics, talent-related insights, ESG (environmental, social, governance) indicators, sustainability score, and receive alerts about government blacklists, cyber risk and court filings. They can also create the Golden Record for any supplier by augmenting their supplier database with advanced data from Craft.

“With disruption to supply chains happening around the globe, the need for increased insights into suppliers has never been greater,” said Roger Goulart, senior vice president of Business Development and Alliances at Coupa. “The ability to vet and approve suppliers quickly is in high demand for companies, and we’re proud to integrate with Craft to give our customers increased visibility and monitoring of their supply chain, both to reduce risk and gain business advantage.”

As a fully certified CoupaLink™ solution, Craft Supply Chain Intelligence meets the requirements established by Coupa through its CoupaLink Certified Technology program. The CoupaLink program enables software partners to build complementary solutions that easily connect into the Coupa platform. Customers benefit by optimizing their business spend and reducing business risk while reducing the cost of third party software integration.

“Deploying Craft’s Supply Chain Intelligence in the Coupa Business Spend Management Platform gives customers a streamlined and seamless supply chain management experience,” said Ilya Levtov, founder and CEO, Craft. “We look forward to expanding our relationship with Coupa to further help customers digitize and evolve their supplier relationship management and monitoring capabilities.”

If you want to learn about how Craft works with Coupa read more or get in touch with our team.