Craft’s Commercial Director Wins FIMA Connect’s Dragon’s Den Award for Best Startup Accelerating Data-Driven Growth


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Matt Keyes, Commercial Director - EMEA at Craft, has won FIMA Connect’s Dragon’s Den competition for startups. The competition, part of the exclusive 2-day April event, drew startup contestants from around the world who are working towards providing a solution to the data and intelligence challenges that large companies - particularly multinational banks - face. 

“We faced off in front of over 70 of the most sophisticated intelligence and data analytics buyers in the world. Their involvement in banks and financial services mean they are experienced, and they’re the best of the best,” said Keyes. “And they chose us.”

Keyes’ winning deck and presentation outlined how Craft provides a customizable intelligence solution that uses a combination of innovative AI/ML technologies, premium data partners and human intelligence.  Whether you need a raw API feed or a custom-built platform that integrates with your ERP or current analytics platform, Craft offers a bespoke solution that aggregates unstructured data and channels it into structured and therefore insightful information for enterprise organizations.  

Each participating startup pitched directly to a group of panelists, who were all top decision makers at multinational firms and banks, such as JPMorgan Chase and Lloyds Banking Group. The final decision between the runner-up and Keyes was ultimately decided by the approximately 65 attendees, who voted in favor of Keyes’ presentation by a 20% margin.

FIMA’s Dragon’s Den competition follows a similar format of the popular TV show Shark Tank in the United States, and it requires sharp presentation skills and, in this case, an in-depth knowledge of the data & intelligence pain points that big banks face - particularly when it comes to ESG initiatives. FIMA Connect is an invite-only event for key decision makers, including Heads of Data, Analytics and Innovation, at banks and asset managers. Companies in attendance included HSBC, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, and JP Morgan Chase. 

“The reason they chose Craft was because we were immediately applicable to their ESG objectives and goals, and they saw immediate pains and problems that they’re facing right now,” said Keyes.

According to Keyes, legacy incumbent data providers have lapsed in quality, providing startups with the opportunity to bridge critical gaps in the enterprise intelligence market. This award will allow Craft to expand its reach and underscores the gap in reliable, holistic intelligence solutions across a myriad of industries, including finance, supply chain, and more.