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Modern day supplier intelligence requires proactive monitoring

The modern global supply chain has become increasingly complex. Today, companies have more suppliers than ever before, and managing those suppliers effectively has become increasingly difficult. With so many suppliers to manage—and little visibility into the full picture of their supply chain—too many companies operate reactively to emerging supplier challenges and disruptions, rather than proactively managing and mitigating risk before problems happen.

But businesses that want to remain competitive and resilient can no longer afford to manage their supply chains reactively. Supplier intelligence requires proactive monitoring so you can stay ahead of threats and navigate potential disruptions with agility and consistency.

The current tool set is not enough

Of course, businesses don’t have a crystal ball. So identifying and monitoring important changes across thousands of suppliers is challenging to say the least. 

Industry reports, news, and website updates can give you clues about potential issues that can impact your supply chain, but finding that data takes time. Many events aren’t reported in the news, and if they are, it can take days or weeks of extensive web searches to uncover and sift through reports, articles, company websites, and more to find the information you need. 

And while you can try to bridge the data gaps by reaching out directly to your suppliers, most suppliers won’t communicate when they’re experiencing challenges until it’s too late to take preventative action. 

Plus, not all relevant information is newsworthy. Companies may experience important changes that are indicative of upcoming challenges, like turnover of important executives or shutting down of particular locations, but you won’t necessarily find that printed on their website or reported by the industry or the supplier itself. 

This leaves businesses struggling to cobble together disparate data points to make sense of their supply chain picture. A process that is not only inefficient, but insufficient for finding, analyzing, and acting on relevant data. 

That’s where Craft comes in.

See the whole picture with Craft Alerts

Craft Alerts empowers you to proactively monitor the suppliers that matter most to you. Alleviate the burden of constantly trying to find important supplier information across the web, and avoid the cost of reacting too late to disruptions in your supply chain. 

Craft Alerts means having the ability to make important decisions before negative impact or disruption takes place. 

Monitor your supply chain with precision

Craft Alerts makes it easy to monitor your entire supply chain with pinpoint accuracy, based on the most important categories and metrics for your business. 

Simply select the companies you want to monitor, and alerts will be sent directly to you within the Craft Portal, as well as your email inbox so nothing falls through the cracks. Craft can even deliver alerts via the Craft API. 

There are over 25 categories of alerts in Craft, including:


  • Site openings
  • Geopolitical issues
  • Financial metrics
  • Incidents
  • Patents
  • Structural entity changes  

Filter alerts by category, or view them by company so you understand your full supplier landscape. You can also see all the alerts your organization has subscribed to in Craft’s Enterprise Portal. Improve results and get clearer insights by rating the relevancy of certain events to help Craft Alerts learn what type of alerts are most helpful and pertinent to you.

Get started with Craft today

Take control of your supply chain and always stay a step ahead with Craft Alerts. No more blindspots. No more surprises. All your supplier data in one place with targeted alerts so you can take action and meet demand whenever and wherever it occurs. 

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