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Make diversity spend reconciliation fast and easy 

Your supplier diversity spend at-a-glance

The first step to hitting your supplier diversity spend goals is to know where you stand today.

Craft's Diverse Supplier Spend Report quickly pulls diversity certifications for all your suppliers into one place, and overlays it with your current spend.

What kind of diversity matters

Your report breaks down spend by diversity category - women owned business, minority owned business, veteran owned business and more. Create a supplier network that matches your organization's values.

Identify diverse suppliers to supplement your supply chain

Your report comes with an actionable list of diverse companies who compete with your highest spend suppliers. Build your diversity spend percentage while adding efficiency and redundancy to your most important purchases.

Hit your Diverse Supplier Spend goals

Ready to take the next step? Craft can help you build a complete supplier intelligence portfolio to manage your diversity spend targets in real time with insights and monitoring for exisiting suppliers and deep research tools to evaluate new suppliers.

Need more? Get Craft Supplier Intelligence

Being in control of your supply chain means less disruption. Craft provides insight into n-tier suppliers, assists with validating supplier survey and performance metrics, and can be integrated with your current workflows through a powerful, single-call API.

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