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Get historical and current CSRHub ESG reports with metrics on transparency, compensation, human rights and environmental reporting from trusted sources. Sustainability metrics are aggregated from company and industry reports using proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. All in one place.

Easily implement automated tracking 

Craft provides real-time supplier alerts across 25+ categories directly to your inbox, via API or within the Craft Portal. Whether you require up-to-date messages on blacklisted companies or want to monitor pertinent environmental news, Craft’s tracking notifications put you in charge of time-sensitive decisions.

Don’t choose between sustainability and efficiency

ESG goals should enhance - not hinder - procurement objectives. Integration capabilities into current workflows allow you to track progress on strategic ESG initiatives or compliance standards without using a myriad of disparate systems. Overlay internal KPI data with Craft’s supplier intelligence findings and make your ESG goals work for you.

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Being in control of your supply chain means less disruption. Craft provides insight into n-tier suppliers, assists with validating supplier survey and performance metrics, and can be integrated with your current workflows through a powerful, single-call API.

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