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Get early warning insights of supply risk so you don’t get caught off guard.

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Be prepared for lead time fallouts, supply disruption and demand spikes.

Gain visibility into major semiconductor supply chain categories and suppliers

Don’t let shortages derail procurement objectives. From fabs and chemicals to commodity tracking and more, comprehensive yet easy-to-use industry portfolios and supplier profiles give you the data you need to make short and long term decisions.

Proactively monitor suppliers with Craft Alerts 

Semiconductor supply shortages are an acute and strategic problem for most industries and have caused over $100 billion in disruption. But with Craft’s proprietary artificial intelligence, machine learning, and integrations with leading data sources, companies that rely on semiconductors in their supply chain can get daily actionable insights to mitigate risk. Instantly gain a detailed view of 18 signal categories for 180+ suppliers, giving you predictive power over your semiconductor needs.

Utilize both pre-populated & customizable categories for rapid set-up 

Pre-populated portfolios of semiconductor supply chain categories ranging from PCB & Assembly to Silicon & Wafers are specifically designed for you to gain immediate benefit. For more customization, build out your own profiles, portfolios and alerts that are tailored to your specific needs.

Need more? Get Craft Supplier Intelligence

Being in control of your supply chain means less disruption. Craft provides insight into n-tier suppliers, assists with validating supplier survey and performance metrics, and can be integrated with your current workflows through a powerful, single-call API.

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Get predictive insight into the semiconductor industry today.

Craft's Supplier Intelligence Platform provides custom risk monitoring and insight for the semiconductor supply chain. See how Craft can help you de-risk your semiconductor needs today.

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