Achieve Diverse Supplier Spend Goals.

Overlay diversity data with your total spend in one digestible report.

diversity metrics and scorecards
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Diverse supplier
spend made easy.

Lay a strong foundation by analyzing the current state of your diverse supplier spend.

With a digestible breakdown of categorical spending, supplier certifications and more, you’ll get the insights needed to start driving results.


Detailed certification data you can rely on.

Knowing everything about your suppliers’ certifications, including the agency, status and expiration date legitimizes your program and keeps you eligible for potential business opportunities.

diversity and inclusion metrics checklist
diverse spend bar graph

Supplier diversity with a long-term focus.

Data-driven metrics bolster diversity programs by helping you establish the right benchmarks.

Introduce additional avenues of support for diverse suppliers - ultimately creating more opportunity for your company.

“Craft eliminated the need for several sources, and reduced 3 hours of research per supplier to 7 minutes.”

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